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Orient Tec (Henan) Co., Ltd was established in 2008, which focuses on insulators from 400V-1000KV and insulator market of overseas for designing, technical supporting, manufacturing, and marketing.

We mainly produce composite insulators, including transmission and distribution insulators, substation post insulators, railway insulators. We also do cooperated supply of porcelain insulators and overhead line fittings, glass insulators, and HDPE insulators.

  • Main Products

    Including transmission and distribution insulators, substation post insulators, railway insulators

  • High Quality

    No complaint over 30 years from users for on line insulators

  • Marketing Team

    Supplier of China Power Grid and Railway Company, exporting more than 70 countries

  • Excellent Service

    By high quality, considerable services, extensive product range and technical support


Orient Tec (Henan) Co., Ltd provides technical support on new product development, project analysis and tender supporting, product whole package services...

The porcelain disc insulator string

The porcelain disc insulator string, which assembled by several single disc insulator, is an essential component of electrical transmission and distribution systems. This type of insulator string is assembled by connecting individual porcelain disc insulators in series using metal or composite rods, designed to effectively support and insulate overhead power lines. Design and Structure: Porcelain disc insulator ANSI 52-3 is a widely used model of porcelain insulators under the ANSI standard. Multiple ANSI 52-3 insulators are strung together to form an insulator string. Each disc insulator is designed to evenly distribute electrical field stresses, preventing electrical arcing or leakage. These insulators are connected by rods made of galvanized steel or other suitable materials, providing mechanical strength and structural integrity.   Application: Insulator strings are primarily used in medium to high voltage overhead transmission lines. They are mounted on supporting structures such as transmission towers or poles, providing crucial support to conductors and electrical insulation between conductors and grounded structures. Features and Specifications: Voltage Rating: Porcelain disc insulator ANSI 52-3 insulator strings are designed to withstand specific voltage levels, ranging from several kilovolts to tens or even hundreds of kilovolts, depending on the application and system requirements. Mechanical:Strength: The series configuration...

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