High Voltage and High Altitude Maintenance with Drone

2023-05-30 16:28:20

China uses the “Little Flying Man” portable electric lift drone for online maintenance for the maintenance of the ±500 kV DC line, which prevented the common safety risks of electric tower climbing operations and improved the efficiency of operators. Let the high-altitude maintenance work even more powerful.

The equipment uses a battery-driven stepless variable speed motor, which can easily lift high-altitude personnel to 30-200-meter high-altitude operating points on the configured standard rope. One-handed control, convenient and flexible, with a load capacity of 120 kg, which fully meets the load requirements of a single person for high-altitude maintenance operations. Thoughtful designs such as emergency braking, remote control, and manual self-lowering can ensure safe use.

The maintenance personnel said that they could easily enter the designated work position just like taking an elevator, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of climbing and improves the efficiency and safety of maintenance operations.

The drone maintenance is a great way for the transmission line insulators and other equipment.

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