Long Rod Insulator

Composite Long Rod Insulators:

Voltage: 10kv-1000kv

Strength: 40KN-530KN

Material: HTV silicone rubber, fiber glass core rod

Type: Clevis and tongue, ball and socket, Y clevis...


Composite long rod insulators are used on overhead distribution or transmission lines. They are called composite suspension insulators too, and provide suspention or tension usage. Tension insulators normally require higher mechnical strength than suspension insulators.

Composite long rod insulators can replace porcelain suspension insulators, just keep they have equal section length and strength. Composite insulators can have smaller creepage distance than replaced porcelain ones, since silicone rubber material can give better anti-pollution performance.

Since the composite insulators are composed by at least two types of materials, there will be interfaces. The quality of the interface between silicone rubber and the end fitting or the fiber glass core rod is critical.

Rated Voltage: 10kv to 1000kv End Fitting Type: Ball, socket, Y clevis, oval eye... Standard: ANSI C29.11, ANSI C29.12, IEC 61109, IEC62217


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Section Length Creepage Distance Dry Acring Distance Tensile Strength End Fitting Type (Ball And Socket, Clevis And Tongue, Y Clevis, Oval Eye...)

If composite suspension insulators are used above 220kv or high polution areas, assembled with one or two grading rings are suggested.

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