Suspension Insulator

Porcelain Suspension Insulators:

Voltage: 10kv-1000kv

Strength: 40KN-530KN

Color: Brown,grey,white

Type: Clevis and tongue, ball and socket...


Porcelain suspension insulators are used on distribution and transmission lines.

Several pieces are connected together to provide electrical protection.

Composite long rod insulators can replace the porcelain suspension insulator strings, just keep the strength, creepage distance and section length the same, then they can provide same usage.

Standard: ANSI C29.2, IEC 60383, IEC60120


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Section Length Creepage Distance Tensile Strength End Fitting Type (Ball And Socket, Clevis And Tongue...)

If you provide code number, such as 52-1,52-3,52-5,52-8..., then only the code number is ok.

High pollution area can choose porcelain suspension insulators together with zinc sleeve ball fitting.

High voltage line can assemble with corona rings. 

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