Overhead Line Fittings

Overhead Line Fittings:

Usage: Link insulators and conductor and towers

Finish: Hot dip galvanized

Material: Cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, aluminum alloy...

Type: Insulator fitting or line fittings


Insulator and conductor fittings for overhead power lines have many types. BS3288 gives the performance and test requirements of them. The overhead line fittings connect the conductor to the insulators and towers or apparatus, or protect and repair the conductors and so on.

Many types are available: suspension clamps, strain clamps, link fittings (clevis and tongue, ball-eye, ball hook, socket clevis eye, shackle, yoke plate...), splicing fittings (splicing sleeve, repair sleeve, parallel groove clamp...), protection and repair fittings (dampers, grading ring, arcing horn, spacer, armor rod...), guy fittings (guy clip, thimble...) Preformed fittings can provide more convenience when using to connect the electric power lines.

Mechanical strength and link dimension is important when choosing the fittings. Materials can be cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, copper, aluminum alloy..., the iron and steel type should be hot dip galvanized. All materials may be specially treated to get certain performance.

Electric overhead power line fitting types are various, we will choose detail types according to client’s requirement.

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