Railway Support Insulator

Railway Support Insulators:

Voltage: 25kv

Usage: Electrified Railway Catenary

Material: HTV silicone rubber, fiber glass core rod

Type: Assembled fitting type according to client’s design


Railway support insulators are also known as railway strut insulators. They are used to support or register live 25kv conductors or return conductors. The end fittings types of the railway support insulators are verified, according to the design of the railway companies or the replaced insulators. The top clamp can assemble with a certain diameter tube.

The support insulators should withstand the maximum working loads and the deflection value has strict requirement. When design the strut insulators, choosing a suitable core rod size should not only consider the cantilever strength, the deflection is also important. Except cantilever strength, compression load, torsional load and tensile load should be considered too.

The end fitting attachment of the insulator shall make sure the axial alignment, in order not to cause torsional or some other damaged stresses when the strut railway insulators are loaded.

Since the insulators are near the ground, bird pecking problem should be considered too.

Rated Voltage: 25kv Creepage Distance: Around 1100mm-1250mm except some high pollution area.


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Height Creepage Distance Dry Acring Distance Cantilever Strength Tensile Strength Torsional Strength Tube Size For The Clamp End Fitting Type And Its Dimensions Fastener Material And Size

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