Post Insulator

Porcelain Post Insulators:

Voltage: 10kv-500kv

Parts: One stack or more stacks mounted

Color: Brown,grey,white

Type: For substation, for apparatus


Porcelain post insulators are used on substations and apparatus. The post insulators will be made into several stacks according to the height. If the height is too high, we will produce this with two or more units and stack them together.

Height is important for porcelain post insulators, since they need assemble with other electrical parts, and lightning impulse withstand voltage is also important. According to different application place, clients also have requirement for the canlilever strength, compression strength and torsional strength.

End fittings can be cap type or flange type. The bolt cricle is important for the assembly.

Standard: ANSI C29.9, IEC 60383


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Height (Normally It Has Very Small Tolerance) Creepage Distance Mechnical Strength Top Fitting Type Base Fitting Type Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage

If you provide code number, such as pin insulator TR205, TR208, TR210... TR391..., then only the code number is ok.

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