HDPE Insulator

HDPE Insulators:

Voltage: 15kv-35kv

Production: Injection way

Material: High density polyethylene

Type: Pin insulator, conductor spacer


HDPE insulators can be divided into HDPE pin insulators and cable spacers. HDPE insulators can not only provide better electrical performance but also mechnical strength. Plus it is recycable, recent years it is popular to change original porcelain or polymer types.

HDPE insulators are injected with high density polyethylene, and need high technique and better injection machine to keep no voids in the insulator head. Orient Tec provide laser inspection for the inner structure for each insulators to keep the insulator has better mechnical strength and puncture value.

HDPE pin insulator are used on 15-35 kv distribution insulators lines, and assemble with steel head spindle. We also provide nylon head spindle together with the HDPE insulators in order to protect the thread and provide better insulation.

Orient Tec produces more than 100000pcs HDPE insulators per year and the market is growing. There is no special standard for HDPE insulators now, normally it refers to IEC62217 and IEC60383.

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