Line Post Insulator

Porcelain Line Post Insulators:

Voltage: 6kv-132kv

Direction: Horizontal or vertical mounted

Color: Brown,grey,white

Type: Tie top, clamp top


Porcelain line post insulator is non-puncture type, which can replace pin type insulators, but it has higher cost.

The base of line post is cemented with the cap fitting, which is mounted on the crossarm of the pole with steel stud, another type is gain base type which can be mounted on the pole directly. The upper part can be the same porcelain type similar with pin insulators, or can be cemented with clamps.

Line Post Mounted Type: Vertical tie top type, vertical clamp top type, horizontal clamp top Voltage Applied: 6kv-46kv, sometimes 69kv, 132kv can also use line post insulators. Standard: ANSI C29.7, IEC 60383, BS3288


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Height (Can Have Bigger Tolerance) Creepage Distance Neck Diameter Cantilever Strength Tie Top Or Clamp Top Base Fitting Type Long Stud Or Short Stud If Needed

If you provide code number, such as pin insulator 57-1~57-5, 57-21~57-25, 57-31~57-35..., then only the code number is ok.

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