Glass Insulator

Toughened Glass Insulators:

Voltage: 10kv-1000kv

Strength: 40KN-530KN

Fitting: Clevis and tongue, ball and socket

Type: Suspension type


Toughened glass insulators are mostly suspension insulators. They have long lifespan than porcelain insulators. The surface is not easy to crack since its surface has high mechnical strength. The electrical strength of the glass can stay the same during the whole operation period, and it ages much slower than porcelain insulators.

Toughened glass insulators can be seen scrapped by its self-damage when serving the first year, but if the porcelain insulators have some defects, it will need several years to be discovered. When the toughened glass insulator shells are made, normally will be put outside for 3-6 months for them to be self-damaged.

Glass insulators are easy to be found cracking when on line service, and when it is damaged, the other parts left can steel give enough mechanical strength to protect the insulator string breaking off.

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