Post Insulator

Composite Post Insulators:

Voltage: 10kv-500kv

Parts: One stack or more stacks mounted

Material: HTV silicone rubber, fiber glass core rod

Type: For substation, for apparatus


Composite post insulators are used in outdoor substations or apparatus. They provide insulation and supporting. The both end fittings can be the same or different, they are decided by the connection of other equipments.

According to different application area, the mechnical load can be compression strength, cantilever strength, tensile and torsional strength. Specified mechnical load can be got by failing load test. When the insulator get its SML, the post insulator doesn’t break, but have a deflection. The insulator should meet the deflection requirement as per standard. MDCL is also a important parameter for composite post insulators, normally it is as much as 50% of the SCL.

Standard: ANSI C29.11, ANSI C29.19, IEC 61952, IEC62217


Important parameter: (if you want to enquire, the following must be provided)

Height (Normally It Has Very Small Tolerance) Creepage Distance Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Cantilever Strength Which Decide The Fiber Glass Core Size Both End Fitting Type

When the composite post insulators are applied in ultra high voltage area, and require the height above 1300m, normally the insulators will be made into several units and stack them together to get the required electrical performance.

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