Deadend Insulator

Dead End Insulators:

Voltage: 15kv-69kv

Strength: 70KN

Material: HTV silicone rubber, fiber glass core rod

Type: Clevis and tongue end fittings


Composite deadend insulators are used on distribution lines from 15kv to 69kv. They are mostly used in America, Canada, and North or South American countries.

There are two types of sealing, one is crimping first, and the silicone rubber covered the end of the end fitting, another type is vulcanization first and then crimping. Some countries have requirement of this and crimping at the end requires more technique on the sealing of the interfaces.

End fittings for composite deadend insulators are mostly clevis and tongue, and ANSI C29.13 has detail requirement for the deadend insulator dimensions and parameters, code number is DS-15, DS-28, DS-35, DS-46, DS-69.

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