Infrared Zero Measurement Technology for Porcelain Insulators was Applied on 1000kv Lines

2023-06-02 16:28:21

A few days ago, China’s self-developed infrared zero measurement technology for porcelain insulators was applied in the infrared zero value monitoring work of 1000 kV Xiaojiang Line II insulators. This is also the first time this technology has been applied to UHV transmission lines.

Porcelain insulators are widely used insulating support components in power grids. During long-term operation, they will be affected by strong electromagnetic environments, mechanical loads, and complex climate factors. They are easily degraded into zero-value insulators, resulting in string drop and wire landing.

In response to the above situation, China has carried out research on porcelain insulator detection technology, exploring insulator detection methods based on infrared thermal imaging and artificial intelligence technology, that is, carrying out infrared detection of porcelain insulators through manual handheld or drones equipped with infrared lenses, and realizing infrared detection based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Spectrum rapid diagnostic analysis. After applying the infrared zero measurement technology, operators no longer need to climb the tower to inspect the insulators one by one, which reduces the safety risk of on-site operations and improves the detection efficiency.

According to reports, the infrared zero-measurement technology of porcelain insulators and portable detection equipment have been widely used in the zero-value detection of insulators in multi-circuit AC and DC transmission lines and substations. Up to now, more than 1.5 million pieces of porcelain insulators have been tested, and zero-value insulators More than 800 pieces. After testing and verification, the accuracy rate of this technology reaches 85%.

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