Tracking and Erosion Test on Our Silicone Rubber Plane Specimens

2023-05-29 16:14:17

Upon request of our Client requirement, the insulator material should be withstand tracking and erosion test. The test is according to IEC60587-Electrical insulating materials, used under severe ambient conditions-test methods for evaluating resistance to tracking and erosion.   

The specimens were made into a size of 50mmx120mmx6mm, and they are drilled to attach the electrodes. The cleaned specimens should be mounted and try to avoid contamination.

The contaminant was mixed as per the standard, and the silicone rubber specimens were mounted on apparatus which was made as per IEC60587. The contaminant is fed into the filter paper pad so that a uniform flow between the top and the bottom electrodes will occur before applying the voltage.

Doing the test according to the standard requirement, the specimens are reported maximum tracking and erosion depth. The test passed successfully. The tracking and erosion is a good way to inspect the silicone rubber material performance of the composite insulators.


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