Difference between polymer insulator and porcelain insulator

2023-10-19 09:29:11

Difference between polymer insulator and porcelain insulator has a lot of elements, such as materials, performance, test way, connect way and so on.

Porcelain insulator definition:
Porcelain insulator consists of one or several porcelain parts by cement loading, used on distribution and transmission power lines support wires and play a role of insulation, steel through the insulator feet installed on the telegraph poles of cross arm.

Porcelain insulator

Polymer insulator

Polymer insulator definition:
The polymer insulator comprises a core rod, a protection sleeve, an umbrella skirt and connection metal tools, wherein the connection metal tools comprises a steel pin and a steel cap.

Porcelain insulator is made from ceramic, has long term life. The polymer insulator is made from silicone rubber, also called silicone rubber insulator, has hydrophobic properties, acid resistance, light weight, easy to install and so on.

Different insulators have different performances; both porcelain insulator and polymer insulator have their own advantage. Which do you want?

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