Anti-bird harm measures for protecting high voltage insulators

2024-04-04 10:18:35

Bird-proof cover refers to a disc-shaped product installed above the suspension insulator string of an overhead transmission line to prevent bird droppings or bird nest materials from falling within its shielding range.The installation of the bird-proof cover should be butt-mounted and installed on the ball head hanging ring with the hanging point on the suspension insulator string, which requires easy installation and easy operation.

bird-proof cover
Advantages and disadvantages:
The bird proof type composite insulator can effectively block the discharge of bird droppings, the cost is high, and bird droppings may accumulate. The rainy season causes insulator pollution and is not suitable for areas with high wind speeds.
Size of the cover:

Insulator voltage (kv)

Cover shed diameter (mm)
1 110 400
2 220 450


Bird-proof insulation coating:
Bird-proof insulation coating refers to the installation of bird-proof insulation sheaths on the wires at both ends of the clamp, the end part of the composite suspension insulators. The installation of special-shaped insulation sheaths such as the high-voltage terminal fittings of the insulator and the voltage equalization ring in the corresponding area. The closed protection of the insulating sheath is formed. This device can protect the composite insulator and the conductor.
bird-proof cover

The bird-proof insulation coating should be made of silicone rubber sheath material that meets the requirements of the standard. It can be designed and shaped according to the shape, size and voltage level of the wire and fittings. It requires that the whole injection be completed in one shot. Joints are not allowed. The surface should be smooth and flat. Cracks are not allowed. It should be equipped with installation buckles or tenons and grooves to facilitate on-site installation.

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