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    DIN assembly bushing insulator , the DIN standard type number is DT1000, DT2000, DT3150. The votlage is 1kv, 3kv. The current is 1000A, 2000A, 3150A The DIN standard : DIN42530, DIN42539 Code No. Voltage/Current kV/A Dimensions
    low voltage bushing insualtor, 1kv, 3kv, current is 250A, 630A, the DIN standard type number is DT250, DT630
    China is an insulator manufacturer and Chinese insulator exporting occupy very high portion in worldwide insulator market. Recent years the exchange rate US dollar to RMB has changed a lot which influence Chinese insulator exporting.
    According to materials, pin type insulator can be divided into composite pin type insulator and porcelain pin type insulator.

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